Xbox “What’s Next for Gaming” event tipped for coming weeks

(Pocket-lint) – Microsoft will reportedly hold a major gaming event in the coming weeks, before the end of April.

Dubbed “What’s Next for Gaming”, it’ll be virtual, of course, but could reveal more about the Xbox Series X/S gaming platform (rather than the games themselves).

That’s because it’ll be timed to run ahead of Build – the company’s major developer conference that takes place each year, that’s expected to start 25 May.

It’ll also be separate to Game Stack Live, another event scheduled for 20 April that will focus on game development.

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Hopefully, we’ll get a first glimpse at new features coming to Xbox consoles at the What’s Next for Gaming event. They are expected to be rolled out over the coming months, but we’ve always been promised that there will be some neat new talents our consoles will gain.

There will also be further dedicated Xbox showcase events over the next few months – maybe even something close to the all-digital E3 in June.

That is due to start mid-June and organiser ESA has confirmed that it will all stream for free. No part of it will be hidden behind a paywall, apparently.

This is contrary to previous reports.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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