Who called me? Find out whose number this is in minutes

(Pocket-lint) – It is not uncommon to receive calls from unknown phone numbers nowadays. The idea of responding to every call might seem an easy way, but it is not safe. Due to the immensely increasing use of phones and technology, it is not possible to be safe from spammers and wrong callers. There can be different situations where you might face problems and want to know who’s calling me.

These scenarios include getting numerous calls from the same number or getting wrong calls from different phone numbers. In these scenarios, you might wonder whose number is this. However, there are some reverse phone lookup applications that might help you to know who’s calling me from this number. In this article, we will discuss 6 of them and recognize what features they offer. Let’s see the top 4 websites to know whose number is this calling me at a glance.

Whose Number is This?

There can be different reasons why people call you. They can be just annoying people or really genuine ones that want to connect or reconnect with you. Here, we will list some kinds of people that can approach you.

There are times when our old friends or neighbors want to reconnect with us. But they don’t have any other approach other than calling us on the number they have. They might call you again and again, and you wonder whose number is this calling me.

A spammer is someone who sends unnecessary calls or messages for something that you have not asked for. They can advertise about any product, and if you don’t respond, they start disturbing and spamming you from different phone numbers. You can do a scammer phone lookup to find them out!

Sometimes, there can be a mistake from people’s side while dialing any phone number. They might want to call any other person, but typing mistakes leads them to call you instead. In this case, you might wonder if the other person is just spam. But, it is always on the better side to first confirm whose number this is.

How to Find out Who Called Me?

Here, we will acknowledge the ways to find out who’s calling me in an easier way. There are 6 different applications explained that offer different features to catch your target person.

1.Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is used to acquire background information on someone such as friends or family members. In addition to that, its extensive database also researches criminal records, including demographic data as well as public records.

Instant Checkmate also has an extensive reverse phone lookup tool that provides several features. These features are in terms of personal data, such as phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, online activities, photos, and more. Instant Checkmate simplifies the user’s work of collecting data from different sources by presenting every available information in one interface.

CheckmateWho called me? Find out whose number is this in minutes photo 2

It has a user interface that is easy to use for even non-technical users. Whether you are looking up a person by his email address, or you are doing a reverse phone lookup. In either case, all it takes is a single search button to get you all the results you need.

Because of all of these features and their convenience, Instant Checkmate is oftentimes used by people to find out correct information about their partners who met online. In addition to that, it is also equally used in the workplace by managers or bosses before hiring new people to the workplace.

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2. CocoFinder

CocoFinder provides all the details about the target’s social media profiles, age, relatives, and identity. It contains a special feature of reverse phone lookup, which is a process of searching a person’s name and recognition through a phone number.

The reverse phone lookup will inform its users about the target’s identity, social media profiles, and alternate phone numbers. CocoFinder gives you a full background check and access to in-depth information about any person from the current or past residential address. The app provides you with a facility to look at those numbers about which you want to find out details.

CocosignWho called me? Find out whose number is this in minutes photo 6

Reverse phone lookup will allow you to know that a telemarketer is trying to advertise you or a known person wants to talk to you exactly. With the help of CocoFinder, when you do a reverse phone lookup, its algorithm starts to search from the matching data entry from a huge database.

CocoFinder is an online service connected to various public records and provides valid information about the targeted person. This service avoids exhibiting any false information. However, the most favorable part is that the users don’t have to pay to target the unknown numbers daily.

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3. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is getting high-achievements for providing ease of use and giving the exact information through the target’s home address. It has a feature of reverse phone lookup, by which the user can recognize the owner of the telephone number.

This phone number lookup service delivers a comprehensive report about a person which you want to find. It reveals all the social media profiles, employment details, and criminal details with a background report.

TruthfinderWho called me? Find out whose number is this in minutes photo 3

It provides all the relevant information like the owner’s name, known aliases, and photographs of the person who is calling. The location history reveals the current address of the phone’s owner, with a full report that contains information such as income demographics, census data, and crime statistics.

For any person who wants to discover why someone is calling you or your loved one, then TruthFinder is the upright service. It helps to find out all the relevant details of a private number with all the possible details. With the possible photographs of the mystery caller, TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup helps the users to quickly identify such calls.

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4. Intelius

Intelius is a background check service used to extract details on any person. The details may be related to their personal life, such as their phone numbers, residential history, criminal records, but as well as their professional life like employment details.

The data is obtained from public sources as well as private sources. The public sources include state data, federal data, and government-related data. Whereas the private data might be from private companies, i.e., private workplaces. The database is vast enough to cover detailed reports on any person as long as he is in the United States.

One of Intelius’ services is the reverse phone lookup. The reverse phone lookup provided by Intelius shows the business or the person’s identity that was linked with the number whom you just received a call from. When the phone number is searched, a confidential private search is performed on the databases of Intelius.

IntelliusWho called me? Find out whose number is this in minutes photo 4

The search then provides the associated person’s full name, age, relatives, address history, phone type, and the physical location of the phone number.

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5. BlackBookOnline

BlackBookOnline is an asset locating service that is used by people to acquire if any assets are registered on a particular name. In addition to the asset locating service, BlackBookOnline also offers more useful services. These features include bank locator service, background records, court records, business, and motorcycle service as well.

Black BookWho called me? Find out whose number is this in minutes photo 1

The reverse phone lookup service and search by name feature ask people to enter their phone number and name respectively and find out their real identity.

The email lookup service helps people to enter the email address of the particular person and find his identity and phone number. On the other side, criminal record services are used by organizations to run a check on someone if they are clear of criminal records or not.

6. That’sThem

That’sThem offers different services like reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup, and VIN search, each of which is used for different purposes. That’sThem provides the user with an extensive set of information associated with the phone number through its reverse phone lookup tool.

ThatsThemWho called me? Find out whose number is this in minutes photo 5

This includes the business (if any) associated with the phone number, the name, and address belonging to that phone number as well. It will also tell whether it is a personal mobile phone number or it is a landline number. Moreover, the email addresses associated with the phone utilizing the number are also presented to the user in a reverse phone lookup search provided by That’sThem.

Why it’s Important to Find out Who’s Calling Me?

Here, it will be discussed why it is important to find out who called me and identifying his identity and other background information.

  • To Avoid the Damage in Relationships

Wrong calls can affect your relationship severely in a serious way. You will be struggling with wrong calls and affecting your mental health while your partner will think that you are cheating on them. It is important to share the matter with them and run the lookup service to find out whose phone number is this.

  • Phone Harassment – A Serious Matter

Phone harassment is a serious matter which can ruin the mental peace of one’s life if not looked upon properly. It is beneficial to take a step and check the identity and background of the person that is calling and disturbing you.

  • To Ignore the Telemarketers

There are various ways to market products, out of which one is to call people from different phone numbers and have their attention. Knowing who is calling you is beneficial in a way that you can simply block and avoid contacting the telemarketers.

  • Knowing Who to be Called Back

In this busy and scheduled life, this will be a daunting task if you have to call everyone that reaches you with an unknown phone number. This is on the convenient side to simply add the phone number in the reverse lookup app and know who is your relative or friend.


This article has concluded an explanation on how to detect whose number is this free with name via phone lookup applications. We have discussed 6 common applications that ask for the phone number of the target person in order to reveal who is calling you. These applications include CocoFinder, TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate, and Intelius.

They work by requiring the phone number, name, or home address of the target person in order to recognize his identity and background information. We have discussed what can be the reasons behind someone calling you unnecessarily on purpose or without knowing it. We have also mentioned the important reason why you should know who’s calling you.

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