Warzone trailer confirms Verdansk ’84 map

(Pocket-lint) – Call of Duty: Warzone’s big week continues, with a bombastic new trailer showing off glimpses of the refreshed map that’s set to debut today as part of the Season 3 launch.

It’s a trailer right from the COD glory years, packed with celebrities and sporting stars from around the world (Jack Grealish making a star appearance to represent the Super Premier League).

Those who’ve been paying close attention might notice that the first part of the trailer is exactly the same as the clip that leaked about a month ago, fuelling huge quantities of rumour and speculation.

There’s plenty more in the final cut, though, including effects that actually look complete, and a good showcase of the weaponry and madness that a game of Warzone can ecompass if you’re lucky. 

Now we know for sure that this is all ushering in a new era for the battle royale game, with the Verdansk map transported back in time to 1984 and gaining a host of new points of interest as a result.

As the trailer also concludes, only now can the game be truly called free to play for everyone, with Xbox just dropping the need to pay for multiplayer access on free games – Warzone can be played on consoles or PC with no cost whatsoever (and we really recommend you give it a try!). 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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