Tile Pro, Mate, Slim, and Performance trackers are 30% off

(Pocket-lint) – Prime Day 2021 is a great time to save a bit of money on all sorts of clever gadgets – the Tile trackers included. These tags let you track items via Bluetooth. So, if you attach a Tile to your keys and then lose them, you can use your phone and even leverage a wider user community to find them. 

Tile Prime Day 2021 deals

• Tile Pro (2020) 1-pack: 30% off, now $24.49 and £20.99. With the Pro, you can use your smartphone to make your Tile Pro ring when it’s nearby but out of sight, or you can simply double press the Tile button on your Tile Pro to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. View the Amazon US deal here | Amazon UK offer

• Tile Mate (2020) 2-pack: 30% off, now $33.59/£26.49. Directly attach Mate to everyday things like keys, bags, and other stuff you need to keep track of regularly. See the Amazon USA offer | Amazon UK

• Tile Mate + Slim (2020) 4-pack: 30% off, now $52.49 and £48.99. With this deal, you get two Mates and 2 Slim item trackers. Visit Amazon US to see the deal | Amazon UK

• Tile Performance Pack (2020) 2-pack: 30% off, now $41.99. This high-performance two-pack includes 1 Pro and 1 Slim. View the Amazon deal here.

To learn more about Tile, including how the item Trackers work and the difference between all the available models, see Pocket-lint’s guide here.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman and Dan Grabham.

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