The long overdue Car Mode is now available for Amazon Music users

One of the few big music streaming services without a Car Mode, Amazon Music has finally gained the highly-anticipated feature in the latest update.

Designed for Amazon Music users to easily listen to music and offer drivers the best possible experience for ease of use while in the car, the all-new Car Mode feature is now live on Android and iOS devices.

The newly launched Car Mode works via Bluetooth and enables larger text, customizable presets, and voice assistance with Alexa through the Amazon Music mobile app.

The feature is a bit more complex, as it allows drivers to discover new music by taking advantage of default music options, including albums, stations, and playlists, which should drastically reduce (or completely remove) the time needed to browse while driving.

According to Amazon, these default presets combine personalized content from the user’s browse home and their library. The good news is you’ll be able to further customize these presets to your liking.

To start using the new Car Mode feature, you’ll need to update your Amazon Music app to version 10.7.0 on iOS or version 17.7.4 on Android. Both updates should be now available for download via the App Store and Google Play Store.

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