Shrunken notch, bigger camera, and a new iPhone 13 Pro design

The iPhone 13 is expected to be a doorbuster for Apple this holiday season, at least according to analyst supply channel checks, but the Pro models will be where it’s at this year. They will be the ones sporting the iPad’s flashy 120Hz ProMotion display technology, after all, while the vanilla iPhone 13 would be duking it out with a slow display panel still.

With those leaks in mind, the famed graphics designer Jermain Smith aka Concept Creator, has concocted a depiction of the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro for LetsGoDigital. It’s complete with the alleged shrunken Face ID kit hence camera notch, and camera lenses that are bigger than on the 12 Pro, as the 13 Pro is now said to inherit the 12 Pro Max camera that has larger sensors and better low-light sensitivity.

The upcoming iPhone 13 Pro will allegedly be 7.57mm thick, an increase of 0.17mm over the 7.4mm thick iPhone 12 models, to accommodate said larger sensors and the respective camera bump. 
The iPhone 13 Pro Max, in its turn, is expected to again one-up every member of its own series with an even bigger camera sensor than all of them, the largest one Apple has ever put in a phone, so only CAD render leaks could flesh out this one.

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