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(Pocket-lint) – CNN, a popular cable news network in the US, is launching a paid streaming service called CNN+.

Many details were missing from CNN’s initial announcement, including any mention of how much the service will cost, so Pocket-lint plans to update this guide over time with the latest as we learn it. For now, however, here’s everything known so far about CNN+ (also called CNN Plus). 

What is CNN+?

In a press release, CNN announced its upcoming streaming service, CNN+, and said it will be designed to complement “the core CNN linear networks and digital platforms to serve CNN superfans, news junkies, and fans of quality non-fiction programming”. CNN also described CNN+ as a “standalone direct-to-consumer service” that’ll be “separate and distinct from CNN, CNN International, HLN, and the CNN en Espanol linear TV channels”.

When will CNN+ be available?

CNN+ will debut sometime in the first quarter of 2022.

How much will CNN+ cost?

CNN hasn’t yet announced pricing information for CNN+. 

According to Variety, the company is still exploring how much it will cost, but apparently, there will be no ad-supported tier of the service at launch.

Where will CNN+ be available?

CNN’s streaming service will launch in the US only. 

What will you be able to watch on CNN+?

CNN said CNN+ will feature the following types of content to watch at launch…

Original content

This will include:

    1. A “deep” library of non-fiction, long form programming
      • Past seasons of CNN’s original series and films such as Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy
    2. New original series and films developed for CNN+
      • CNN will unveil these later in 2021

Live, on demand, and interactive programming

This will include:

  1. Eight to 12 hours of live, daily programming
  2. “Topical deep dives and lifestyle content” from prominent CNN talent
    • You can also expect “several new faces”, CNN said

What else will CNN+ feature?

There will be a “community” component for subscribers to connect directly with anchors and experts in “real-time conversations”, CNN said.

How will you access CNN+?

CNN plans to continue to have a single app: the CNN mobile app. So, that’s where CNN+ subscribers will access CNN+ programming, while pay-TV subscribers can get their TVE experience there, too. (Pay-TV subscribers can also subscribe to CNN+ to access the full CNN+ programming all in one place.)

If you don’t subscribe, CNN’s app (and will remain a separate and free resource for people to get their news. You just can’t watch CNN+ content.

Want to know more?

CNN said additional details will be released ahead of launch. For more information visit

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