Prime Matter game label explained and initial games list

(Pocket-lint) – Koch Media has been a games distributor and publisher since the 1990s, but has generally published under multiple names. Deep Silver is a Koch Media label, for example. As too is Ravenscourt.

Now it has formed a new, premium games publishing label to handle many of its biggest triple-A games coming in 2021 and beyond.

Here then is everything you need to know about Prime Matter and the initial list of games it has coming out.

What is Prime Matter?

Prime Matter is a new major games publisher that will deal with premium titles. Owned by Koch Media, its games line-up will include some familiar names, plus a load of brand new intellectual properties (IP) currently in development.

It was announced as part of the E3 2021 shenanigans, along with a dozen games for PlayStation, Xbox and/or PC.

“Prime Matter is a new home for premium games, offering both current and future partners, plus all the expertise of the Koch Media Group alongside a new and dynamic team dedicated to maximising their true potential,” said Koch Media’s CEO, Klemens Kundratitz.

What Prime Matter games are coming out?

During a special Prime Matter media briefing, the new label revealed 13 games coming in the next couple of years.

Here are the first wave of games that will sport the Prime Matter logo. We have listed them in chronological order:

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 7

King’s Bounty II

  • Available: 24 August 2021
  • Format(s): PC & console

The original King’s Bounty first came out more than 30 years ago – well overdue a sequel then. Russian developer 1C Entertainment is breathing new life into the RPG strategy genre that the first just about kicked off.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 8


  • Available: September 2021
  • Format(s): PC

Another RPG, this time turn-based, isometric and influenced by the likes of the original Fallout and Wasteland games. The big twist is that it is set in an alternative 1970s, with all the funky music and biege curtains to match.

The Chant

  • Available: Q2 2022
  • Format(s): PC & console

We don’t have screens for The Chant yet, but it’s a third-person survival horror based more on psychdelia than shock and gore.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 3

Gungrave G.O.R.E.

  • Available: 2022
  • Format(s): PC & console

South Korean studio Iggymob is turning its hand at third-person action games, with Gungrave G.O.R.E. promising to provide bullet-based mayhem.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 2

Crossfire: Legion

  • Available: 2022
  • Format(s): PC

Crossfire: Legion is an RTS from a new development team made up of creators who have worked on Homeworld, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War. It’ll have both a single-player campaign and multiplayer mode, with gameplay that, so far, strongly reminds us of Command & Conquer’s finest moments.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 10

The Last Oricru

  • Available: 2022
  • Format(s): PC & console

The Last Oricru is a tough action RPG but with Choose Your Own Adventure style options that can have major ramifications on how the game plays out.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 11


  • Available: 2022
  • Format(s): PC & console

Another action RPG, this time in the Dark Souls mode, this high sci-fi adventure plays on its sense of isolation. That being said, there will be a multiplayer mode as well as a single-player campaign.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 12

Scars Above

  • Available: 2022
  • Format(s): PC & console

From what we’ve seen so far, Scars Above reminds us of a cross between Tomb Raider and Returnal. It’s played in third-person, with puzzles and multiple weapon types to discover.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 1

Payday 3

  • Available: 2023
  • Format(s): PC & console

Starbreeze’s Payday 3 may be a way off yet, but we love the idea of rampaging through Hollywood with our pals, in order to become the biggest heist gang in LA.

TaleworldsPrime Matter games line-up photo 6

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

  • Available: TBC
  • Format(s): PC & console

Available on PC in early access already, Mount & Blade II is moving over to the Prime Matter label. A console version is also in development to release with the full PC version. We don’t know when that might be, though.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 5

Final Form

  • Available: TBC
  • Format(s): PC & console

Final Form may just be a codename for now and the game could end up being called something else, but this sci-fi FPS certainly has the chops to be one to watch.

Prime MatterPrime Matter games line-up photo 13

Project: Echoes of the End

  • Available: TBC
  • Format(s): PC

Project: Echoes of the End provided the biggest wow moment in our presentation, thanks to its amazing motion-captured characters. It’s another third-person action-adventure, but we don’t know a whole lot about the gameplay right now.


  • Available: TBC
  • Format(s): TBC

Not a lot is known about the Painkiller reboot right now. We’ve only really seen a solo background screenshot so far – which we can’t share at present – so there’s not much to go on.

However, the original cult FPS series was started by People Can Fly (Outriders) and heavily inspired by Quake and Doom. Hopefully, more of the same but with tastier graphics.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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