MyVeloFit uses AI to let you get the right bike fit at home

(Pocket-lint) – Buying a bike remotely has never been an easy task – unless you’ve got extensive experience, it can be a bit of a nightmare knowing exactly what size and type of frame is right for you.

That’s something that might get easier once going to bike shops is more readily allowed and safe again, but finding solutions for those who can’t get out is still hugely valuable.

MyVeloFit has taken that aim and run with it, creating a virtual bike fitting that uses AI to inform you of what sort of frame is best for your body type, based off videos of you stretching and cycling. 

It divides your body up into segments, and looks at how you move to see if your current bike fit might be inhibiting you or causing pain, and then gives you an analysis of that fit.

Plus, the site will soon be launching a service to convert this data into an AI-powered recommendation of a new fit for you – although that’ll be confined to paying customers rather than those using the free tier of service. 

It remains to be seen whether MyVeloFit’s system works well enough to pick up pace and users, but the core idea is certainly sound. Even before the pandemic, being able to do things from home will always have a welcome convenience. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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