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(Pocket-lint) – Deleting games is no fun – whether because you’ve got a new title you want to make space for, or a particularly huge patch to download for one of your constant favourites, it’s a bummer to lose quick access to your library. 

Getting an external hard drive can solve that problem without much hassle at all, letting you hook up a whole heap of extra storage to let you store more games than before, without needing to delete anything at all. They come in a whole range of sizes and shapes, though, so we’ve gathered some of the best options for you right here.

Our pick of the best PS4 drives to buy today


Seagate 2 TB Game Drive

A great, licensed drive to expand your storage.


Seagate’s got a good enough reputation when it comes to external hard drives that it has official tie-ins with both Sony and Microsoft, for good reason.

This official drive is a seamless way to expand your PlayStation storage and comes with really easy instructions on how to use it. It’s got 2TB of space, although a 4TB version is also available. 


WD_Black 8TB D10

If you’re most concerned about sheer size, perhaps 8TB will be enough.


Probably the other really big name when it comes to external gaming drives is Western Digital, under its WD_Black brand.

This huge 8TB drive is perfect if you really want to build a massive collection, and has its own stand and cooling system to make sure that it can always be at hand. 


Toshiba Canvio Advance 1TB

A great drive if you’re looking to spend a little less.


If you’re looking to keep the costs lower, though, you don’t have to opt for drives that are specifically aimed at your PlayStation.

This portable drive from Toshiba will give you an extra terabyte to play with, while ensuring that you don’t have to spend too much to expand your horizons. 


WD_Black P50 1TB SSD

An SSD will get you the best transfer speeds possible.


On the other hand, if money isn’t too much of an object and performance is the top priority for you, you could opt for an external solid-state drive for the best speeds around. 

This drive from WD will only give you the single terabyte for a pretty steep price, but it runs so quickly that the performance and transfer boost you’ll get compared to a traditional hard drive makes it well worth considering. 


Seagate Expansion Portable 4TB

A great non-gaming branded drive that offers plenty of space.


Our final pick is a bit of a middle ground in terms of size, and another non-gaming branded drive. 

Seagate’s 4TB drive is really nicely priced given how chunky that amount of storage is, and it works solidly for all your needs, frankly – it’d be a great shout for anyone who wants loads of space but wouldn’t need 8TB.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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