Microsoft’s first noise-cancelling headphones are getting ridiculously cheap

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Microsoft is no stranger to prematurely quitting very competitive markets and abandoning flawed products before really trying to get them right, but at least for the time being, the company’s premium over-ear headphones are not following Cortana, Windows Mobile, Windows RT, or the Microsoft Band to its (virtual) Redmond-based graveyard.

Impressively, Microsoft’s sophomore noise-cancelling wireless headphones effort is both better and cheaper than the aforementioned OG model, also undercutting the likes of the Bose 700 and Sony WH-1000XM4.
But if you’re on a (much) tighter budget than that, you might still want to consider the first-gen Surface Headphones, which have incredibly dropped from a list price of $349.99 back in the day to a little over 80 bucks right now in a single gray color.
While these undeniably premium-looking cans were arguably never worth their full retail price, failing to impress in terms of active noise cancellation technology, battery life, and even overall audio quality in comparison with their very well-reviewed rivals, this huge new discount puts the Surface Headphones into an entirely different category.
We honestly can’t think of a single sub-$100 over-ear alternative with a similar design or comparable list of features, and even when it comes to tiny in-ear true wireless earbuds, you might have trouble finding something this affordable with ANC on deck.

Although Woot technically lists the OG Surface Headphones as available for $95.99 at the time of this writing, you can save an extra 15 percent simply by using the e-tailer’s official app to purchase a brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged pair of these bad boys with a full 1-year Microsoft warranty included and up to 15 hours of battery life.

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