Mark your calendars for 12 May

(Pocket-lint) – Asus has officially confirmed that its next Zenfone will launch on 12 May. That means we have just over a couple of weeks to wait until we find out exactly what the Zenfone 8 has in store for us. 

In the launch teaser Asus does give something away with the tag line ‘Big on performance. Compact in size’. That clearly suggests we should expect a powerful phone, but perhaps one that’s not as big as some of the other Android flagships on the market. 

AsusAsus confirms ZenFone 8 launch: Mark your calendars for 12 May photo 2

Exactly how compact it will be is anyone’s guess. We doubt any Android manufacturer would go down the route of the ultra-compact iPhone 12 mini, but perhaps something more in line with the Pixel 5 size could make sense. 

It’s an interesting change from Asus. In the past its Zenfone hasn’t always been that small. For instance, the Zenfone 7 Pro has a 6.67-inch display and weighs more than 200 grams. 

Of course, the other thing worth noting about the Zenfone range is that it’s been something of an unusual phone when it comes to cameras. 

Its displays – for the past couple of generations – haven’t had any notch or cutout for the selfie camera. Instead, the main camera system from the back flips over, enabling you to take selfies that are as good as all the other shots you take. 

We’re yet to see if this continues with the 8 series, but fortunately there’s not too long until we find out. The event kicks off at 6pm BST (7pm CEST/1pm EST) on 12 May. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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