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It’s Photoshop’s 31st birthday – check out these galleries!

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(Pocket-lint) – 31 years is a long time in tech. Even with updates, any app that’s still in use some 31 years after it first made it debut is doing impressive work. Well, now’s the turn of that venerable editing suite, Adobe’s Photoshop.

For 31 years now it’s been fuelling editing jobs, enabling people airbrush, splice and alter images to their hearts’ content. If its influence isn’t obvious enough to you, consider the sheer fact that ‘to Photoshop’ is effectively a verb in the common parlance now. 

It’s been elevated to the point of ubiquity, and although there are other apps that people can use, including much cheaper options, Photoshop still feels like one of those essential apps.

We’ve been being amazed by Photoshop creations for many of those 31 years, whether in the form of celebrities meeting their younger selves or marvelling at some of the worst movie poster editing jobs ever.

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To celebrate the anniversary, we’ve gathered together some of the great features we’ve written down the years for your browsing pleasure, complete with a brilliant example for you to goggle at. 

Rembrandt van Rijn/The Getty Center/JK640

Amusing images of celebrities Photoshopped into Renaissance paintings

Great paintings stand the test of time, and so do great actors – their work can live on long after they’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. Why not fuse the two mediums, then? These great editing jobs put famous modern personalities into older paintings for amusing final products. 

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dravreh/Design Crowd

18 movie and TV casts amusingly re-imagined with Photoshop

Even the best TV shows are open to a bit of reinterpretation and reimagination. What if your favourite show had a different casting director? Or what if it was shot at a different time entirely? These great editing jobs show off what could have been.

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100 of the worst Photoshop errors ever, you won’t believe your eyes

Let’s be honest – we all know about Photoshop, but we all also know about Photoshop mistakes. It can be easy to get carried away with the power of editing, and not realise that you’ve been too obvious. This great list of errors will have you slapping your forehead on behalf of the designers. 

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sugarcane/Design Crowd

27 amusing images of animals Photoshopped into Renaissance paintings

We all love our pets – or, if we don’t have pets, we at least love photos of pets, right? Well, what about paintings? These amazing images fuse paintings with animals to create amusing, regal and historic portraits of animals in weird settings. They’re great fun. 

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Mathieu Stern

Amazing Photoshop artists with skills that will blow your mind

If you develop some amazing Photoshop abilities you might be tempted to use them just to edit existing photos. Or, if you’re ambitious, you might want to edit yourself into some images, like these intrepid artists have. 

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Check out these amazing Photoshop jobs – making edible architecture!

Photoshop can let you get even more creative than that, though, including making new creations and worlds entirely. These edible buildings do a great job of showcasing how far you can go. 

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Bonkers new animals imagined with the power of Photoshop

Returning to animals, this amazing selection shows what could happen if the animal world went truly wild – fusing different species together to create all-new types of beast. 

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Then and now: A vision of celebrities hanging out with their younger selves

As we now live in a world where every stage of our life is photographed, documented and shared, the ability to fuse images together to show off people chilling with younger versions of themselves can have amusing outcomes. 

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kaiser77/Design Crowd

20 amusing images of cartoon characters in Photoshopped into Renaissance paintings

That’s right, we’re big fans of paintings getting switched cleverly by Photoshop gurus – like this gallery of masterpieces with cartoon characters edited into them seamlessly. 

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Open Road Films

Photoshop fails go to the movies: The worst film posters of all time

Going back to the world of errors, there are too many atrocious film posters out in the wild for us to count, but we’ve done a diligent job of gathering them together for this superb gallery. 

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Incredible Photoshop artists who put themselves in the picture

Again, once you’ve developed some editing chops, you might fancy making yourself out to be something that you’re not – like these creators who make sure that they look like they’re present for events they absolutely weren’t at. 

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Proof that Photoshop makes everything better

Real-life can be a bit dull and depressing at times – which makes Photoshop a perfect vehicle to spice things up a bit. These editing jobs give a little twist on reality to zest things up and are great fun as they do so. 

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The Telegraph

Famous Photoshopped and doctored images from across the ages

Even if Photoshop is 30 years old, photo editing has been around in some form for much longer, as this gallery shows. Sometimes even governments think they’ll get away with some subtle editing. More often than not, they’re wrong. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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