Is Apple Music getting lossless audio? Yes, beta code shows

(Pocket-lint) – Apple appears to be readying a hi-fi streaming tier of Apple Music, and it might even be announced with AirPods 3.

9to5Google looked at the latest Apple Music for Android beta app and found code mentions of high-resolution audio. They warn about the consumption of streaming lossless music and its impact on storage space and data. “Lossless audio files will use significantly more space on your device”, said one reference. While another said: “Lossless streaming will consume significantly more data”.

The Android beta app also reveals Apple Music could two choices for lossless playback: Lossless (ALAC up to 24-bit/48 kHz) or high-res lossless (ALAC up to 24-bit/192 kHz). Keep in mind Apple for a long time has been committed to 256kbps AAC files for both iTunes and Apple Music.

However, because this new information is now discoverable in Apple’s Android beta app, one can assume lossless music will be turned on soon. Plus, just yesterday, an unverified report from AppleTrack claimed new AirPods could be announced alongside a lossless tier of Apple Music.

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Let’s not forget 9to5Mac also said references to Dolby Atmos spatial audio were recently been found in Apple Music on iOS. Add it all up, and Apple might have several announcements up its sleeve. We’ll keep you posted, of course, and bring you the latest news from Cupertino as it happens.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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