How to watch it and what to expect

(Pocket-lint) – Sonos will hold a special event on Tuesday 9 March 2021 and you’ll be able to watch it live when it happens.

The speaker company has been the subject of numerous rumours over the last couple of months, with both headphones and a new smaller Bluetooth speaker appearing in leaks.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Sonos Special Event, how you will be able to watch it and what to expect.

When is the Sonos special event and what time?

The Sonos special event will take place at 9pm GMT, Tuesday 9 March 2021. Here are the times for your location:

  • West Coast US: 1pm PST
  • East Coast US: 4pm EST
  • UK: 9pm GMT
  • Central Europe: 10pm CET

How to watch the Sonos special event

You will be able to watch the Sonos special event at If possible, we will host the livestream here too. 

What to expect

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said during a Febraury earnings call: “We remain committed to launching at least two new products per year and are well on track as we look at our fiscal 2021 product roadmap. We are excited to introduce our newest product next month. Stay tuned for details.”

Spence said product, rather than products, suggesting we will only see one device from Sonos during the March special event. There have been a couple of devices rumoured though.

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Sonos headphones have been the subject of speculation for quite sometime now, since 2019 in fact. There’s also talk of a smaller Bluetooth speaker that will be more accessible than Move. Either one of these devices is possible at the March event. Read our separate feature on what we think we will see.

For all the Sonos news, visit Pocket-lint’s hub here.

Writing by Britta O’Boyle.

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