How to use Hulu Watch Party to watch movies with friends

(Pocket-lint) – Hulu has officially launched a Watch Party feature that allows all subscribers to simultaneously watch a show or movie while in a group chat room.

While third-party services offer Watch Party features for popular streaming services, there hasn’t been a built-in way to stream Hulu with a friend. Now, however, it is joining the many streaming services that offer such a feature. Keep in mind this is arriving at a time when many are still social distancing and are eager to connect with friends. Here’s what you need to know.

How to use Hulu Watch Party

To access to the feature, look for the “Watch Party” icon on the details page of supported titles.

You’ll then get a link to send to other people who may want to join and watch along with you. Everyone watching must use Hulu’s website. It’s available to all subscribers – not just those people paying for the ad-free plan. Initially, when Hulu first trialed the feature, it wasn’t available to all.

Hulu’s Watch Party feature allows viewers to chat with each other in a shared group chat with a stream of the video they’re watching. Each participant can control their own playback. They can pause or “click to catch up” button to jump back to where the group is currently watching.

When can you try Hulu Watch Party?

It’s now available for everyone to try!

What can you watch with Watch Party?

Watch Party works on “thousands” of titles from Hulu’s on-demand library. 

Do other services offer Watch Parties?

Yes. Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Movies Anywhere, and Sling TV all have begun offering their own Watch Party features.

Want to know more?

Check out Hulu’s Watch Party FAQ page for more details.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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