Hot new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 update improves blood oxygen technology

Hot new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 update improves blood oxygen technology

If you’re still disappointed with Samsung’s decision to essentially leave all its existing smartwatches behind in terms of major OS updates after the upcoming One UI Watch launch, you should at least know that the company continues to do its best as far as things like system stability is concerned.

While not particularly lengthy, the latest changelog also includes a few more improvements, one of which could prove fairly consequential for a large number of users concerned with their health. We’re talking about a general enhancement to “Blood Oxygen measurement”, which just so happens to be one of the most important features supported by Samsung’s August 2020-released Tizen timepiece.

The Galaxy Watch 3 was in fact the company’s very first wearable device equipped with a blood oxygen level-measuring SpO2 sensor, which was fine-tuned and improved several times in the months after the commercial debut of the extremely well-received and presumably popular smartwatch.
With the app gap to Google’s Wear OS platform never to be closed now, Samsung is focusing on things like activity tracking and voice guidance as well, enabling the latter functionality directly via a headset connected to a mobile device when you exercise with the Galaxy Watch 3 on your wrist and for traveled distance and HR data when Auto Lap is on during running or cycling.

Once again, these are not huge, life-altering upgrades and changes, but the 77.65MB update making its way OTA as we speak is not exactly tiny, so you’re probably looking at some very noticeable blood oxygen and overall stability and reliability improvements here.

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