GoPro’s app gets major new update, featuring new Mural mode, hi

(Pocket-lint) – GoPro, the popular action camera company, has unveiled a fresh wave of updates to its smartphone app which should make it both easier to use and more feature-rich. 

The headline feature is Mural, which is a new mode within the app that lets you relive your favourite moments recorded on your GoPro or your phone. 

GoPro describes it as an effort to ‘eliminate the infamous blackhole of your phone apps’, essentially bringing old and new highlights to the surface. 

You can personalise the ‘wall’ by adding photos and videos that you live, that you can go back and revisit whenever you open up the GoPro app. 

Other new features include easier browsing. The app lets you switch between three viewing modes, by simply tapping the view icon so you can see your entire collection of content in one screen, or switch to focus on just one file at a time. 

Also included in the app update is Highlight Reels, which – unlike the Mural – is completely automated and generates events and content automatically for you, similar to how Google Photos and Apple Photos bring up memories for you in their apps. 

To get all the new features in your GoPro app, all you need to do is check the App Store or Google Play Store for updates and you should find it waiting for you, ready to download from now. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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