Google Assistant driving mode now rolling out to more countries

If you live in the United States and use an Android smartphone, chances are that you’ve already seen Google’s new Android Auto-like experience for mobile devices. Although not a full-fledged experience yet, the new Assistant driving mode meant to replace Android Auto was limited to just one market: United States.After several months in development, it looks like Google is confident that the Assistant driving mode is ready to be shared with more audiences. Beginning this week, Android users in more countries will start seeing the new Android Auto-like experience (via 9to5google).

Google’s support page mentions that this preview of Google Assistant driving mode will now be available to Android users in the following countries: Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, India, and Singapore.

Just like Android Auto, Google Assistant driving mode should let you use voice to send and receive calls and texts, as well as alert you to an incoming call to allow you to answer or decline it with voice. Naturally, you can also use the driving mode to play your favorite music from whatever streaming service you’re subscribed to (i.e. Spotify, YouTube Music).

Keep in mind that if you live in one of the countries where Google is now rolling out the Assistant driving mode, you’ll need a smartphone running Android 9.0 or higher with at least 4GB RAM.

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