Galaxy Z Fold Tab could be Samsung’s tri-folding tablet

(Pocket-lint) – When one fold is not enough, add more. That’s what Samsung is thought to be doing with its first tri-fold tablet, working title Galaxy Z Fold Tab, which is rumoured to be arriving in early 2022.

Having already set the wheels in motion with its foldables department, Samsung has seen success with its Z Fold and Z Flip phones. These single-hinge flagships do a good job presenting the vision of what foldables can do – in both closed and open form-factors.

The Z Fold Tab is a rather different project, doubling down on the hinge mechanism, presumably to be more phone-like in size when folded, then double-hinge opening into a full-size tablet when unfolded.

However, nobody has seen or confirmed the Z Fold Tab’s design or name – so we don’t know how many hinges, how many screens, nor what size it/they would be.

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There’s a long road to go yet, too, with Samsung’s Z Fold 3 expected to arrive towards the final quarter of 2021 first, bringing with it a new stylus and more advanced ultra-thin glass (UTG) – both features said to carry over to the larger Tab for its 2022 arrival.

Samsung isn’t the first to explore multiple folds, though, as TCL has previously shown off a tri-fold tablet prototype and other makers are working on similar products.

It’s all down to the detail in how it’s delivered – and with Samsung’s experience it has a strong chance of making a convincing, practical product. But it’ll be some time before we get to see a glimpse of what’s in the works.

Writing by Mike Lowe.

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