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(Pocket-lint) – If you’re looking for a top surge protector to keep valuable electronics safe, chances are you’ve already been burnt by misbehaving voltages or you’re keen to avoid them occurring. 

For a small upgrade on a regular power strip, you can essentially put a gate between your wired goods and the electricity crashing in through the wall socket, with a surge protector taking the heat instead of your TVs, consoles, chargers, and everything in between. 

It’s able to do this by making sure the voltage doesn’t exceed a certain level, which, in turn, ensures that plugged-in devices don’t have their components fried or fuses blown. 

It may be the case that your surge protector will never need to be called into action, but, for those who don’t want to take the chance, we’ve rounded up some of the best to consider. 

Best surge protectors available to buy today

BelkinBest surge protectors photo 2

Belkin Surge Protector


Belkin’s surge protectors come in many different varieties, but a solid choice is an eight-outlet model, which comes with a heavy-duty 8ft cord.

The extension lead comes with a 2500J energy rating, and the eight protected outlets can withstand a 6,000V spike. 

This particular protector essentially works like a circuit breaker, which means it will automatically switch off when overloaded before turning back on. 

Just be aware, as with any surge protectors, that the internal components will wear down over time and it may need to be replaced. 

BototekBest surge protectors photo 3

Bototek Surge Protector


Bototek adds a bit of spice to the surge protector game with not just 10 outlets, but also four USB ports.

The company’s clever circuitry means it’s able to detect the voltage your device needs – all while protecting them from overloading spikes through a safety switch that trips automatically.

For those with wider plugs, two wide spaces are available separately from the other eight, while the 6ft cable should allow you to reach pretty much any setup from a wall socket. 

HulkerBest surge protectors photo 8

Hulker Extension Surge Protector


With three outlets for your electronics and three for USBs, Hulker’s surge protector is ideal for PC setups and home offices. 

Since the USB outlets give you a home to charge smaller devices, you can use the three power outlets (offering up to 3250W of power) to take care of the larger electronics, safe in the knowledge that they’re protected from voltage spikes. 

What’s particularly interesting with Hulker’s offering is the universal sockets, meaning you can use devices from different standards within the same surge protector.

BelkinBest surge protectors photo 7

Belkin Surge Protection Extension Lead Strip


Belkin gives you plenty of choice over how many sockets you can protect, though a healthy pick is the company’s six-socket extension lead. 

The surge protector is able to shield your expensive electronics from spikes up to 650J, with the company indicating the design is able to protect against fires, impact, and rust. 

It also features two LEDs to indicate when the sockets are either protected or not grounded, with the latter essentially informing you that the surge protector has done its job and should be replaced. 

AmazonBest surge protectors photo 6

Amazon Basics Surge Protector


Amazon Basics cover pretty much everything in the home nowadays, and that extends to surge protectors.

Now, this two-pack isn’t necessarily for those with big items, such as TVs, PCs, and the like, but it is a perfect solution for those who want to protect smaller things like chargers, lamps, and appliances. 

On each power strip, you’ll get space for six AC outlets that can offer 200J protection.

And handily, the red LED indicator will go out once the power strip has worked its protective magic and is ready to be replaced. 

DuronicBest surge protectors photo 9

Duronic Surge & Spike Protector


The supreme option for when wall sockets are at a minimum, Duronic’s tower-shaped surge protector gives you a frankly outrageous amount of sockets to take advantage of.

The company has engineered the adapter to protect against voltage spikes, with both an LED indicator for when outlets are powered and one to show whether the surge protection is still working. 

With so many options available, Duronic suggests that this power tower is best for low-power appliances, but as long it doesn’t exceed 3000W collectively everything should remain protected. 

APCBest surge protectors photo 4

APC Surge Protector


If you want a bit of an overkill option for your home or office setup, APC’s surge protector should be able to cover your electronics – and then some. 

With 11 evenly spread AC outlets, two USB ports, and a 6ft cable, you should be able to fit all your devices into one place and protect them with the strip’s 2880J Surge Energy Rating.

To give you some reassurance it’s working as it should, it also comes with LEDs for ‘Protection Working’, ‘Overload’ and ‘Building Wire Fault’. 

AofoBest surge protectors photo 10

Aofo Extension Lead/Surge Protector


This is another universal power strip that’s able to offer serious protection for devices from around the globe.

With a total power output of 3250W, and just four sockets and four USB ports to host your electronics, this is a great selection for those who need to fit multiple big appliances in the same space. 

Like the rest of the options on this list, Aofo’s design looks to guarantee against fires and overcharging, with a safety lock also present to save children from electric shocks. 

WiteemBest surge protectors photo 5

Witeem Surge Protector


If you have a mountain of devices that need protection in the same place, Witeem’s 12 outlet protector is a great pick to consider. 

The device even has two fast-charging USB ports, which are ideal for smartphones, tablets, and the like, with surge protection maxing out at 4360J. 

Since it’s quite a hefty unit, you might also want to mount the protector anywhere within the cord’s 6ft reach, which is made possible by two mounting holes on the rear. 

SmallrtBest surge protectors photo 11

Smallrt Extension Lead/Surge Protector


With eight power outlets and four USB ports, this is another top pick for home offices and small spaces that require a tower design. 

Smallrt suggests that the power strip is designed to suit devices between 110-250V, with a max power output of 2500W. When surge spikes are detected, the unit will automatically cut the power and protect connected devices.

It features separated switches, too, for the top-half and bottom-half, which allows you to quickly manage multiple sockets without the need for unplugging.

Writing by Conor Allison.

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