Best racing wheels for 2020: Drive the authentic way

(Pocket-lint) – If you’re at all into racing games, you’ve probably thought about picking up a wheel to play with. It can be the difference between a pretty fun time doing some virtual driving and having the most immersive, thrilling experience you can get this side of buying an actual Ferrari.

Still, though, racing wheels often don’t come very cheap, as you’ll have realised if you’ve started looking at many, so you’ll want to make sure you’re picking up a winner if you do take the plunge. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the very best racing wheels on the market for you to consider, depending on whether you want it for your specific console or a PC. 


Logitech G923


Logitech’s racing wheel ticks a load of impressive boxes without breaking into truly enthusiast pricing – that’s a heck of a bundle. You get a superly well-made wheel and a really sturdy three-pedal set to go with it, and it’s really easy to set it up on either your console or your PC (be warned, though, there are separate versions for PlayStation and Xbox). 

The wheel has great force feedback that can even simulate the feeling of gears changing beneath your hands, and really excellent accuracy when you’ve got it tuned right. We’ve been loving using it to slide around corners in Dirt 5, and think it’s the ideal option for most people looking for a do-it-all racing wheel.


Thrustmaster T300 RS


If you want something from a different brand, Thrustmaster makes a few excellent racing wheels. One of its very best is the T300 RS, which falls into a very similar price bracket to Logitech’s above. It’s similarly impressive, too, with excellent build quality helping it to feel really strong and solid as you use it.

You’ll get excellent control as you virtually drive, and the wheel plays really nicely with PlayStation consoles across generations, too. This is a singularly impressive wheel, in short. 


Hori Overdrive


The wheels we’ve featured so far have both been on the pricey side of things – you might not want to spend quite as much to try out driving with a wheel

That’s where Hori’s Overdrive wheel for Xbox could be perfect, offering a well-built wheel for a much lower price tag. It’s a great option if you don’t have as large a budget. 


Logitech G29


Another option from Logitech, the G29 is a slightly older wheel, and therefore can be picked up for a slightly lower price tag to match. 

It’s really similar to the newer model above, and is therefore solid and premium-feeling, although the force feedback it offers is slightly less sophisticated. That’s a small sacrifice for a potentially significant price cut. 


Thrustmaster T150


Finally, a second wheel from Thrustmaster makes the cut, again priced lower than the other option from the same manufacturer. 

Like the second Logitech wheel, it’s still a really good wheel, with great feedback and accuracy, and a sturdy enough set of pedals to go with it, and it once again is great for those with PlayStation consoles to pair it with. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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