Awesome clearance sale brings the Google Pixel 4 down to just $300

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As much as Google would probably like to forget about it, the search giant released a little phone called the Pixel 4 just over a year ago that can still be purchased from a number of major US retailers and carriers.

Unlike this year’s 5G-enabled Pixel 5, the 4G LTE-only 5.7-incher came packing a high-end processor, which unfortunately caused the starting price to reach an exorbitant $800. What was perhaps even more unfortunate was the base 64GB storage, 6GB RAM count, and especially the tiny 2,800mAh battery of the Pixel 4, making the device a hard pill to swallow even for Google’s most devoted fans.
That’s right, we’re now recommending you choose this thing over the Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and Pixel 5… as long as you don’t have a problem activating the 5.7-inch Pixel 4 on Verizon. Best Buy will let you opt for a two-year installment plan or a one-time payment, and in both cases you’re looking at spending a measly $299.99 instead of the aforementioned $799.99.
New and existing Verizon customers in the market for a new line of service or a straightforward upgrade can all qualify for the full $500 discount, and at least if you hurry, you can get your choice of a black or white model with 64 gigs of local digital hoarding room. Unfortunately, the 128GB storage configuration is no longer available for Big Red subscribers (at Best Buy or the carrier itself), and the same goes for both the 64 and 128GB Pixel 4 XL variants.
At three Benjamins, the Pixel 4 undercuts all three Google-made 2020 smartphones while packing a superior Snapdragon 855 chipset. Compared to the Pixel 4a, for instance, the “regular” Pixel 4 also comes with a smoother 90Hz display, better cameras, wireless charging functionality, water resistance, and a more premium metal-and-glass build. 
Granted, its battery life and storage are still hard to defend, but given the huge discount available right now at Best Buy for Verizon subscribers, you can probably learn to live with those compromises.

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