Another decent Nokia phone scores Android 11 in the US and other markets

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In addition to kicking off much later than we would have expected based on recent history, HMD Global’s official Android 11 rollout for all those low and mid-end Nokia-branded smartphones on the market is… a little all over the place.

As its name suggests, the Nokia 4.2 is not a particularly impressive device, having seen daylight almost two years ago to the day with Android 9.0 Pie pre-installed on the software side of things and a Snapdragon 439 processor under its surprisingly premium glass hood.
What’s certainly notable about this low to mid-end model is that cash-strapped US consumers were able to buy the 5.7-incher at $190 (or less) for quite some time. Unfortunately, the US is listed among the few “markets and channels” that have yet to approve the Android 11 release for the Nokia 4.2, at least as far as T-Mobile users are concerned.

That means there’s a chance folks on other US carriers can get the goodie pack downloaded and installed on their 5.7-inch phones, along with Nokia 4.2 owners in most other countries.

Keep in mind that even if you’re lucky to be a part of this “single wave” rollout, you may still need to wait until April 12 for the over-the-air delivery to achieve 100 percent availability. Sadly, if you’re interested in purchasing the budget-friendly Nokia 4.2 stateside, that’s no longer possible, although it might be a good idea to consider the Nokia 3.4 instead… and wait for Android 11 to arrive at some point in the near future.

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