Adding AirPlay to any amp

(Pocket-lint) – Belkin has launched a new audio adapter that’ll allow you to add virtually any sound system or stereo to your multi-room AirPlay setup. 

It’s called the Soundform Connect and essentially adds AirPlay 2 to (almost) any audio device.

If you have a high-end amp hooked up to some old-school cabinet speakers – but want the convenience of wireless streaming from your iPhone and Mac – this could be the gadget for you. 

It’s a fairly simple looking device featuring a USB-C port on one side for power, with an analog 3.5mm output and a digital optical audio output next to it on the other side. 

You can plug it into an amp/receiver, active/powered speaker or soundbar/home theatre system. Of course, with it not being a powered amp you can’t plug it into a passive speaker. 

Once plugged in and powered on you can stream music directly to it from your iPhone, and it’ll automatically be part of your AirPlay multi-room system.

So if you have HomePods dotted around the house, or other AirPlay-equipped speakers, it’ll show up in your list of available options. 

For those wondering about whether it might support Apple Music’s Lossless, the answer is yes, at least in theory. We’ve asked Belkin to confirm whether it’s supported or not and will update if we get an answer. 

It supports up to ‘CD-quality’ sample rates up to 16-bit/44.1kHz, which isn’t shabby at all for streaming, but not quite enough to be considered Hi-Res Lossless. 

The Belkin Soundform Connect will be available in June. In the UK it’ll cost £89.99 and in the US it’ll be $99.


Writing by Cam Bunton.

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