A new big screen TikTok app comes to Samsung TVs in Europe

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung and TikTok have announced a dedicated TikTok app for Samsung Smart TVs in Europe. The new app gives you access to a curated selection of videos from the social network. 

The app is coming to all Samsung Smart TVs from model year 2018 onwards though it’s not available on The Sero range as yet.

You can download it via the Samsung Smart TV App Store although it’ll be pre-installed onto all new TVs sold. You don’t necessarily need to have a TikTok account to use the app, but it’ll be more personalised if you do. 

The app shows you the most liked and viewed content on TikTok so it should be a great way to see what’s trending – you can see the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds easily too. There’s also easy access to educational and tutorial content –  #LearnOnTikTok videos – so you can easily access hacks, tips, tricks and facts. 

Other content is arranged into 12 categories covering all the different key genres from gaming and comedy, to food and animals. 

Using the app you can also like and comment on videos or block or mark content you aren’t interested in.

Rich Waterworth general manager of TikTok UK said: “The past year has dramatically changed the way we live, work and play. More of us are spending more time at home, watching TV with loved ones and enjoying content that entertains and educates through our smartphones. 

“This has led us to think about how we can bring the creativity and joy of TikTok to even more people across the UK. Our new TikTok app will do just that, giving the millions of Samsung TV owners access to our trending recipe hacks, comedy skits, challenges and more – straight into living rooms across the country.”

Writing by Dan Grabham.

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